Staff Features

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The core component of TennisBookings provides your tennis club staff with all the tools needed to efficiently manage key activities – court and pro schedules, event sign-ups - and related information.

Your tennis club will run more smoothly when your key data is computerized and online and your staff (where authorized) have ready access over the internet to the information from anywhere, at any time. No more fighting over illegible paper schedules or unwieldy Excel sheets! Pros can check their schedules from home; Managers can keep an eye on things while on business trips (or the beach!).

Front-desk staff will always have 'real-time' schedules in front of them. No special hardware is required - any basic PC with an internet connection will work. Adding a second monitor to an existing PC is a great quick and cheap option too. Your players will appreciate the improved service at the front-desk and will see that staff are ‘on their game’.

You stay in control

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Staff members can be given user-accounts at a number of different levels of privilege - whatever's appropriate to match their individual job function. These range from 'Administrator' level (with full access to all data and all configuration function), through 'Front-desk' and 'Pro' levels to a 'View-only' account

All entry, editing and deleting of schedule data is logged by a comprehensive audit trial. This allows management to easily see the history of any booking (e.g. who created/edited/deleted it, and when).

A series of data download functions allow review and analysis of all schedule data.

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Just some of the features that make the staff system powerful AND easy to use:

  • Simple, intuitive interface for making bookings. Even a season-long program using multiple courts can be entered in just seconds!
  • Intelligent sizing and easy scrolling of the schedule display allows for managing dozens of courts on any size monitor.
  • Selectable color-coding of the schedule display allows you to quickly review a day’s schedule for different court uses, pro bookings, paid status, etc..
  • A ‘Yellow-sticky’ area for each day allows staff to record reminders, exchange notes, etc..)
  • Options to print daily courtsheets (in practice, usually only needed to avoid any ‘cold-turkey’ reaction to going completely paperless!)
  • Customized data-fields – so you record only the information you need, and in the way that you want it. Define your own set of data-fields for reservations (e.g. ‘Court Use’, ‘Paid Status’ , etc.) and your own list of selectable values for each.
  • Maintain individual calendars for each pro – you'll never again book a lesson that clashes with your pro’s dentist’s appointment!
  • Set up event programs (for clinics, mixers, etc.) and manage sign-ups (either for ‘drop-in’ events or season-based programs).
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Player Data

TennisBookings becomes even more powerful when coupled with your player data. You can share your existing membership (player) database (so that you would continue to manage this data in exactly the same way as you are presently doing), or you can decide to manage player data within the scheduler itself. With either approach, the system can then provide these additional valuable features:

  • Player names available for easy selection/‘look-ups’ [normally only made available to staff]
  • Contact data, membership level/status information etc. is available for quick reference [staff only]
  • Specific player rules can be applied depending on their membership level/status (even different pricings can apply where online payment is used)
  • All player activity can be tracked by Member ID numbers – useful for billing or general reporting/tracking purposes

If your club is not currently using a comprehensive membership system, we can help you import your existing data into our system, which could then serve as your ‘master’ source for player data. We can even arrange for your members to pay their membership fees online - with features such as automatically disabling all booking functions for members with expired memberships.

"It's time to lose the paper!"
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