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In an increasingly online world, your players are using the web for everything from ordering pizza to booking airline flights. With TennisBookings you can now give them the benefit of immediate, any-time, access for their favorite recreational activity - playing tennis! And, critically, you always stay in complete control of what information they can see and what they can do.

Our middle and top tiers build on the staff-oriented Tier I to bring your players onboard too.


Player 'View-only' Access (Tier II)

Stepping up from Tier I to Tier II adds the capability for your players to view your court schedules online. You can of course control how much information they see about other bookings, and how far in advance they can view the schedules. You can also remove specific courts from their view.

In addition, this tier adds the ‘Bulletin Board’ feature, which allows your club to easily post announcements, photos, general information on policies, prices, etc. on the players’ site. Some smaller facilities use this instead of having another informational website – others use it as a handy place to put current information in front of existing (and potential).

Your players do not need their own individual user accounts in order to access their Tier II website, however the sites as a whole can be protected by requiring a password. Of course our Tier II service does not allow players to make their own bookings or sign up for events. These features are available in our Tier III Service.


Player Online Bookings (Tier III)

With our top-tier service, you players can make court bookings and sign-up for events "24/7", not just during your office hours, and without them tying up your phone-lines (and staff) with multiple calls to arrange a single booking. This not only makes the process easier for your players (and therefore something they are much more inclined to do!), but it also reduces the workload on your staff – a true win-win!

You Stay in Control

You have full control over how much information players will see on your court schedules. At one extreme, a reservation could be displayed with a simple caption of ‘Reserved’; alternatively it could show a caption such as ‘3.5 Doubles Clinic’ with the names of attending players (subject to various privacy settings). You can also control how far in advance your players can view the schedules.

With our Tier III (Player Bookings) you will also have full control over what bookings your players can make. Just some of the control options are shown below:

  • Which courts, and what days and times, players can book,
  • How far in advance players can book courts,
  • Rules on the number and types of reservations that players can make. E.g. you can set limits on a player’s total time per day, number of bookings per week, etc., etc.. Rules can vary for different membership-types, etc.. If you can describe a rule, we can enforce it!
  • Court allocation – choose from multiple different methods the system can use to allocate a player booking to a specific court. E.g. you can specify a preferred court ordering, or the system can even intelligently allocate bookings to specific courts in order to minimize overall ‘dead-time’ between bookings. Of course the default behavior is that the system will reserve whichever specific court the user requests.
  • What information players must provide when making a booking.
  • Cancellation polices (re. how far in advance and refund policies where payment has been made)
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Other Key Features

  • You can have your players log in at the homepage of your new scheduler website (e.g., or, for a more integrated feel, you can embed a login panel on a page of your existing website.
  • If your players already have their own user-accounts for a club website (this is common for country clubs and other larger facilities), we can usually link our system to that website so that your players can continue logging in to your existing site and would NOT require another username/password to access the scheduler. This Single Sign-On (SSO) link makes system roll-out to the players a breeze and means players don’t have yet another password to forget!
  • Waiting lists for court-time and events. Your players can be automatically notified by email when their favorite court-time or clinic becomes available.
  • Optional email notifications can be sent to staff (including pros involved in lessons) when a player makes or cancels a booking.
  • Options for players to pay online at the time of booking. Any refunds for cancellations (where permitted) are held in a ‘house account’ and are automatically applied to subsequent bookings. Players can even pre-pay an amount into their house account (either online, or at the front-desk).
  • A ‘Bulletin Board’ feature that staff can use to post photos, club news, promotions, etc.. Staff can create multiple pages of linked information – all as simple as using any word processor program (e.g. MS Word).
  • A 'Player Postings' page allows members to communicate with other members - e.g. when looking for playing partners, 'subs', etc..
  • A ‘Guest’ mode can be enabled so that people who do NOT have a user-account can access the schedules on a strictly ‘view-only’ basis (they will be able to see court schedules, but not make any bookings online).
  • Players can request email ‘reminders’ of their bookings – reducing your no-show rate!
  • Website is fully accessible on tablets (iPad etc.) and smartphones - automatically adjusts layout for smaller screens.
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