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TennisBookings is a completely web-based system - there is no software to be installed anywhere. Of course being on the web means that your staff (and optionally players too) can access it from any computer, tablet or smartphone that has an internet connection.

Each club gets their own website – with a name of their choosing such as www.mytowntennisbookings.com - to access their schedules. Player access (if you decide to allow it) is completely separated from access by club staff –the member site is of course much more restrictive than the staff site. There are various ways in which the members' scheduler site can be integrated into your club’s existing website (see section below "Integration With Your Existing Systems"), or it can be completely stand-alone.

Of course you have full control over the players' website – you control what level of information is displayed and what functions are available, etc., etc. And even within the staff site there are multiple different levels of access that can be granted to different staff members.

The system is highly customizable - we have hundreds of clients ranging from 2-court public tennis facilities through to high-end country clubs with 30+ courts (tennis, pickleball, squash, etc.); and probably no two facilities use the system in exactly the same way! TennisBookings can even apply different policies for different courts (e.g. indoor vs. outdoor) and different days of the week! For examples of some of the customizations available, please see the 'Club Scheduling' and Member Access pages.

Our online system is completely secured and dependable. Your site is hosted on our servers so there's absolutely no technical setup for you to do - we do the set-up and it's immediately available from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) with an internet connection. We manage security and ensure constant availability through a rigorous backup scheme to a remote standy server (on a different continent!). And if you ever have a problem with your local internet service at the club, you can just pull out your smartphone and bypass that connection completely! In our more than 10 years of operation we have never had any data-loss or significant interruption in service.

Options, options – and room to grow!

TennisBookings offers 3 tiers of service. If you aren't sure which tier would be best for you (or you just want to take it slow) you can start with a lower tier then, at a later time, advance to a higher tier. Commonly, clubs will start with tier II, to introduce their members to the idea of checking online for tennis court/sign-up availabilities, then the club will later advance to tier III to allow member bookings.

Our 3 tiers of service are:


Tier I = Club Scheduler (no player access)

The system is accessed exclusively by staff, and is essentially invisible to players (though they might notice that the club is running more smoothly, and the front-desk staff are smiling more :) ). For details see Staff Features .


Tier II = Club Scheduler + 'view-only' access for players

This mode adds a website for your players that allows them to view court schedules and upcoming events (clinics, etc.) but they will not be able to make any bookings online (these will still be made by phone, etc.). Staff will also be able to use the 'Bulletin Board' to post news, photos, promotions, etc. on to the member site. Two key benefits of this mode are:

  • Your staff will be fielding far fewer phone-calls about "What courts do you have for Tuesday morning…?", "Do you still have any places for the Thursday clinic…?". Ideally, the only calls you'll get are when members have already confirmed availability and are ready to book!
  • Since it is now so easy for players to see what’s available, you will see higher court-usage and sign-up rates.
This tier represents great ‘bang for the buck’ in that it is very quick and easy to implement, yet has the potential to completely transform how your club operates and how players perceive and interact with it. Many clubs begin with this tier, then after 2-3 months find that they are ready to add Member Bookings.

Tier III = Club Scheduler + Player Bookings

Your players are already using the internet for everything from ordering pizza to booking airline flights. With tier III you can give them the same convenience for their leisure activities! Your players will be free to book courts and to sign-up for events at their convenience, "24/7" – and you can rest assured that the system is always enforcing your policies on what bookings are allowed. For details see Player Features. We can even handle online payments for bookings (as optional or mandatory) and enforce your policies on cancellations.

  Tier I

Club Scheduler

Tier II

Club Scheduler + 'view-only' access for players

Tier III

Club Scheduler + Player Bookings

Staff System
Player View Access  
Players' Bulletin Board  
Player Online Court Bookings and Event Sign-ups    
Monthly Fee (per court) * $5 $6 $10
Fees Minimum (per year) $300 $360 $600
*Any courts used less than 12 months per year are charged only for those months they are in operation.
* For smaller and/or seasonal facilities where the total annual charge calculated using the above rates (seasonally adjusted if applicable) would be below a set minimum amount, that minimum annual charge applies instead of  the above rates. These minimum annual charges are: Tier I - $300; Tier II - $360; Tier III - $600.
*Significant discounts available for more than 10 courts
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Following is just a very small sample of ways that TennisBookings can be configured to match how you run your facility:

  • Group your courts by type, surface, location, etc. and apply different policies for player access/bookings to each group.
  • Restrict availability of ball-machines, to particular courts and times of day, etc.,
  • Fixed bookable time-slots – For example, if you restrict reservations to being for fixed 90-minute sessions in the morning (e.g. 8am-9:30am, 9:30-11:00am), then have fixed 60-minute sessions in the afternoon, we can handle that. You can even have different time-slot patterns for different court-groups (e.g clay vs. hard) and for different days of the week!
  • Data-fields to be tracked for reservations. Select, for example, whether the system tracks payment information for reservations, establish your own list of categories for a ‘Court Use’ field (to record whether a reservation is for e.g. ‘Private Lesson’, ‘Junior League’, etc.),
  • Using our infinitely-flexible 'rules-base' system, you can control the who, what and when of player-made bookings. Rules can vary for different membership-types, type of court, day of the week, time of day, duration, ...

Integration With Your Existing Systems

If you already have a membership data management system (anything from a simple Excel file to a comprehensive facility management system) we can arrange for your scheduler to share this data (via periodic uploads) from your master system. This approach ensures that your scheduler always has your current player data without you having to manually maintain a mirror copy of it in a second place. If, instead, you would rather use the scheduler system itself to manage your player data, we can import your existing data, and configure data fields as required.

If you already have a club website, you’ll be able to add a simple button/link that takes players to your scheduling site. Alternatively, we can help you display a ‘log in’ form on your site – this can help create a more seamless transfer to the scheduler site.

If you already have another website for which your members have user-accounts, we can usually configure access so that players can use their same user-account to also access the scheduler. In this scenario your players would continue to login to your existing site and then, by clicking on a special programmed link (that we provide the code for), are automatically and invisibly logged in to the scheduler. We have established such Single Sign-On (SSO) links with websites from many different vendors.

TennisBookings allows you to download comprehensive activity data (for court utilization and event sign-ups) for purposes such as billing, pro payroll, and general tracking and business analysis.

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